Our People

Daniel Dee, Senior Software Development Consultant

Daniel Dee has over sixteen years of experience in designing and developing software. This gives him a broad understanding of the interrelationship of various software technologies, and in-depth knowledge of critical key technologies, for the successful implementation and deployment of an enterprise-wide software application. He has managed and led software development teams in the US, Japan, Taiwan and Korea, and is capable of dealing with international customers at both technical and social levels. Daniel has the ability to articulate and document design decisions, development process and product usage throughout a project's life cycle. He also has in-depth understanding of software internationalization issues.

Dale Nielsen, Senior Systems Administrator

Dale Nielsen is a systems administrator and software developer. He has over twenty years of experience installing, configuring, securing, administering, maintaining, and troubleshooting Unix based servers, firewalls, and desktop workstations. This allows him to get clients' machines up and running quickly and securely as well as keeping them available with minimal down time. Dale has also been setting up and administering software development, build, and release environments for many years as well as designing and implementing installation and startup scripts for software packages. He has extensive experience in the Sun/Solaris and Linux environments as well as HP/UX, Compaq Tru64, and BSD systems.

Scott Reed, Senior Software Architect

Scott Reed works with his clients in designing and developing quality software that uses new and emerging technologies. Years of experience have given him the ability to understand his clients' needs, grasp the essentials of new techniques, and acquire new skills very rapidly so that he can be immediately productive. He documents his work clearly and carefully and offers training and mentoring, making it easy for his clients to build upon his work. Scott's past projects include development of desktop and web-deployed applications for data access and manipulation and for monitoring and control in engineering, manufacturing, telecommunications, power generation, and power distribution.